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Volunteer With Us

Looking to get involved? Join us and help foster unity, celebrate diversity, build bridges across communities.

Eastside Pride PNW is a community-based LGBTQIA+ advocacy organization and we’re looking for new volunteers that want to help enhance the lives of the Eastside LGBTQIA+ community. 

Thank you so much for helping our mission! 

Currently, we are seeking to fill the following volunteer positions (All volunteers must be at least 16 years old):

Board Member - learn more about this role here.

Treasurer - learn more about this role here.


Volunteer Coordinator - Individual is responsible for actively engaging with the community to recruit and manage volunteers for various events and projects. Craft invitations and employ diverse recruitment strategies, such as social media, networking events, and community outreach programs and build relationships with potential volunteers. Once volunteers are onboard, they assign tasks based on volunteers' skills, interests, and availability. Collaborating with other teams within Eastside Pride, the Volunteer Coordinator ensures seamless integration and communication throughout the planning and execution process of the volunteer recruitment.


Event Planner(s) - At Eastside Pride, the Event Planner(s) are focused on creating meaningful and memorable experiences for attendees in an effort to form a LGBTQIA+ community on the Eastside. They ensure each event aligns with the organization's values and goals. Collaborating with other teams within Eastside Pride and support from external parties, the Event Planner(s) execute all aspects of event planning, from venue selection, graphics creation, event promotion, to budget management. These events foster valuable relationships with partners, sponsors, and vendors, securing essential support for the organization. On the event day, they manage logistics and operations. Post-event, the Event Planner(s) conduct thorough evaluations, using feedback to enhance future events.


Social Media Specialist - The Social Media Specialist creates content for Eastside Pride on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They craft engaging and visually appealing posts, respond to comments and messages promptly, and monitor social media trends. They may also contribute to creating new Social Media accounts and new platforms emerge (Tiktok, Threads, etc). They focus on promoting any approved LGBTQIA+ events on the Eastside, and collaborate with other organizations, influencers and brand partners to amplify the organization's reach. Beyond content creation, they actively build and maintain the brand's online community, driving brand awareness and contributing to the organization's growth in the digital sphere.


If you are interested in a volunteer position or volunteering for an event, fill out the volunteer form.


Detailed job descriptions are in the works.  Email us with any questions if interested at


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